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Frequently Asked Questions

  • More than 4 decades of cumulative experience in the Windows and Glazing industry
  • The only manufacturer in India – to enfold the entire range of façade solutions
  • Technically trained and experienced manpower
  • Only manufacturer with European Machines and Technologies, in east India
  • Customized for Indian weathering conditions
  • Large basket of Design possibilities and Finish options
  • Comprehensive replacement Warranty of 10 years on the uPVC profiles and 1 year on the hardware
  • Easy to reach Customer Support
  • First to introduce DBS system in east India – design, rendering, load calculation, manufacturing, and seamless execution
  • Professional SMS – Site Management System
  • Honest pricing – value for time and money

The big brands have established their value for over one decade of operations with huge marketing expense and high overheads, which ultimately the customer pays. Though we are new in comparison – our founders are the one who setup the big brands in eastern India. Hence, we assure you the quality and services of a big brand at a better pricing, without you having to pay for the extra expenses.

The local brands are garage fabricators with cheap machines. Accordingly, the end-product is low on quality. Our homes and properties are made with loads of love, time, and money and to invest in windows that will disintegrate over the years is a bad choice. On maintenance and replacement of poor-quality window systems – you will end up spending more than the cost of Winprad. And there is no sustainability, trust of service from them. We on the other hand have the Experience, Infrastructure and Customer care services that at par with world-class standards.

Yes, each window/door/facade aperture is thoroughly studied on the Drawing sheet and then measured during Final Measurement. All our systems are made to customization – design, finish, glazing option and size.

For uPVC we have 6 colour finish options for you to choose from – Click here to know more. For Aluminium – any colour can be powder coated on your system. Please speak to our representative to know more.

You can choose the type and colour finish of the handles. However, handles and hardware are system compatible hence cannot be changed completely.

Our Service Team can be reached easily through our Customer Support numbers and email. They will ensure speedy services for any related issue. Though our systems can be handled by untrained professionals – we do not suggest the same. The advantage of using Winprad is you do not have to look for any external support.

Though the life of Winprad Windows is estimated at 40-50 years, we offer a 10 years of comprehensive replacement Warranty in case of any discolouration or disintegration of the window profile. There is a 1-year replacement Warranty on the window hardware. No Warranty is offered on the Glass. No Warranty will be applicable if any damage has resulted from the user end.

We have our Brand Showroom in Newtown, Kolkata – Click here for the Address. Subsequently we will expand to other parts of Kolkata, West Bengal, and eastern states of India soon. Our personnel may also carry samples to your location – on request, for a firsthand experience of the products.

Visiting a site before the order is not only important but a prerequisite necessity. Our personnel check the feasibility of the window and may suggest many important points – before you take your decision on the design, style, finish, and specification of your windows/doors. And we do not charge for the visits.

We provide a wholesome experience.

Our services start right at the drawing stage of the building, where our team at DBS (Design Built Solutions – For more information, Click here) work in tandem with the Architects/Interior Designers/Customers to conceptualize and design the best technical, ergonomic, and economical system for your building.

We understand your need of the solution to various issues like – Sound attenuation, thermal insulation, rainwater ingress, bugs entry, direct sunlight, and many – to suggest you the best fix for the same.

Through our SMS (Site Management System – For more information, Click here), we then ensure perfect services from Site Survey, Aperture check to finished handed-over Windows at your site.

Delivery dates vary with every specification. The same also depends on your site readiness – For more information, Click here. The delivery and installation dates will be confirmed to you during your order.

Yes, installation of windows/doors/facades are all done by own trained and experienced manpower to maintain seamless quality all through.

Installation of a window is of paramount importance – failing which the windows will not be able to perform at its full potential. Gaps between the window frame and aperture will let dust, rainwater and bugs enter the interiors. Winprad ensures seamless Installation and Service to your windows.

Trained and experienced personnel of Winprad, visit sites, post the Order to check the viability of Window installation – like the sill width, aperture taper, measurement maintenance and lead and lift possibilities of the window to the aperture location and many more. This activity ensures flawless execution of windows/doors/facades subsequently corroborating maximum window performance.

Final measurements are the measurements taken by the Winprad personnel after completion of an aperture – for window production at factory. The initial measurements taken by the Sales personnel are just for the Offer and are not accurate for production. A ±75mm change in aperture size do not affect the window costing. After the Final Measurement is done to the last millimeter – the window goes for production and no changes of size or specifications can be done. Any change whatsoever will result into inaccurate or impossible installation.

  • Complete plastering
  • Laying down of any stones/tiles on windowsills.
  • The pop should have been applied – in case the window openings have a pop finish.
  • The flooring should have been completed – in case the doors/windows start from the floor level.
  • The opening should be in straight lines, horizontally (parallel to the floor) and vertically (at right angles to the floor).
  • Winprad will not be liable to take Final Measurements if the apertures are not ready.
  • Customer will have to offer a Declaration of size maintenance in case measurements are taken when apertures are not ready.
  • First coat of paint is done.
  • Laying down of any stones/tiles on windowsills – and subsequent polishing of stones, if required, is completed.
  • The flooring should have been completed – in case the doors/windows start from the floor level.
  • The opening should be in straight lines, horizontally (parallel to the floor) and vertically (at right angles to the floor).
  • For any taper more than 10mm – the Client will rectify the same, for optimum window performance,

There is no maintenance or services required for Winprad windows/doors except cleaning. Cleaning can be done using plain clean cloth and soap-water. In case of any breakage or damage of any Glass, Accessories or Hardware – please contact us for immediate remedy. Our Service Team will connect with you and do the necessary job.

Toll Free Number : 1800 833 4566
Mobile : +91 80178 03333
Email : contactus@winprad.com

If any of our personnel has failed or you have any complaints with our services – you may directly reach the Managing Director through our Website.

Yes, you can purchase an optional AMC for your Windows from Winprad. Please feel free to contact us for details and pricing.

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