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Aluminium Windows & Doors

Aluminium has been the choice of metal for construction for the last 90 years. The advantages of using Aluminium as a material for manufacture of windows and doors – has been diverse and had developed over the ages.

Aluminium is lightweight yet high strength to density ratio and makes it a perfect product for windows/doors. When an Aluminium system is powder-coated, the lifespan of over 30 years is achieved. And when anodized, the lifespan increases by another 5 years.

The major advantages of Winprad Aluminium Series are:

  • Design Flexibility – with the properties of Aluminium, it can be easily rolled, forged, and cast to make windows/ doors in different shapes, designs, and sizes. Options of hardware, accessories, and glass – makes it a lucrative framing option.
  • Recyclable – Aluminium windows are recyclable, sustainable and are eco-friendly building material.
  • Lightweight – Easier to handle. Also reduces dead load on the building.
  • Durable – Winprad Aluminium Series are resistant to cracks and rust. The systems are weatherproof, corrosion resistant, and UV resistant. With elongated product life, these fixtures deliver optimum performance throughout their lifespan.
  • Insulation – With the correct use of Thermal Break – Winprad Aluminium Series profiles are known to be one of the most energy-efficient products. Also, with Double Glazing – it saves three times more power than it used to manufacture it.
  • Noncombustible and nontoxic – Aluminum extrusions do not burn and do not produce toxic fumes if exposed to high temperatures. While in use, aluminum extrusions do not negatively impact the environment or the building occupants.
  • Resilience – Winprad Aluminium Series can be fabricated to be both hurricane and blast/impact resistant.
  • Safety & Security – Apart from Aluminium being a strong metal itself – there are several options to upgrade your security – like options of glazing, internal glass fitment, shoot bolt locks etc.
  • Maintenance – Minimal maintenance of cleaning is required.

Winprad introduces its own special Aluminium Series in both Powder coated and Anodized finish. The advantages of Winprad Series are:

  1. Aesthetically superior to conventional 40 series Window.
  2. Winprad Series is installed from inside the building. Hence saving scaffolding and safety costs indulged for Window installation from outside. Also, glass replacement, if required in future is easy and cheap.
  3. The beading of Winprad series unlike the conventional 40 series is placed inside. That ensures better safety and security of the systems as the glass can not be opened from outside.
  4. Winprad Series ensures better insulation to Heat, Sound, Dust and Rainwater ingress, than the conventional systems – due to avant-garde hardware and absolute sealing mechanisms.
  5. Winprad Series can be used on larger apertures than conventional systems – hence may replace usage of Curtain Glazing systems and save costing of erection and maintenance.

Winprad System Aluminium Offers the richest of designs and a gamut of options in terms of size possibilities, hardware, and finish.


Sl. No. Product Module Application Thermal Break Glass In-fill Air Permeability Water Tightness Wind Pressure Resistance Cyclone Resistance Accoustic Performance
1 THE CONTEMPORARY SLIDING SYSTEM 46mm 2, 3 or 4 tracks – 1 to 8 leaves No 5mm to 20mm Class 3 Class 4A Class A5 Class 5 35 dB (RA, tr) 2-leaf window (W 1.47 m x H 1.48 m)
2 THE CONTEMPORARY SLIDING SYSTEM BIG SIZE 46mm 2, 3 or 4 tracks – 1 to 8 leaves No 6mm to 24mm Class 3 Class 7A Class C3 Class 5 NA
3 THE CONTEMPORARY SLIDING SYSTEM BIG SIZE 59mm 2 Tracks – 2 to 4 Leaves No 6mm to 32mm 300 Pa 300 Pa 2.5 Kpa Class 5 NA
4 UNIVERSAL SLIDER 55mm 2 to 4 tracks – 2 to 8 leaves Yes 24mm to 32mm Class 4 Class 6A Class B2 Class 5 34 dB (RA, tr) Patio door 2 leaves (W 2.35 m x H 2.18 m)
5 PANORAMIc SLIDING SYSTEM 126mm 2 and 3 tracks – 2 to 6 leaves Yes/No 5mm to 39mm Class 4 Class 7A Class C3 Class 5 NA
6 MINIMAL SLIDER 100mm 2 and 3 tracks – 2 to 6 leaves Yes/No 24mm to 32mm Class 4 Class 7A Class B3 Class 5 37 dB (RA, tr) 1 sash + 1 fixed s. patio door (W 2.8 m x H 2.2 m)
7 CONTEMPORARY WINDOW – Casement 46mm Windows and patio doors, Single and double sash,
inward & outward opening, turn/tilt, top-hung, side-hung
No 6mm to 33mm Class 4 Class 1050A Class C5 Class 5 38 dB (RA, tr) – (L1.23m x H 1.48m)
8 CONTEMPORARY LOUVRE SYSTEM 63mm Fixed /moveable.
Option frame with mosquito screen
No 5mm to 6mm Class 2 Class 7B Class C5 Class 5 NA
9 The Universal Window – Casement 55mm Fixed lights, 1 and 2 leaves, Projecting top-hung, Parallel opening Yes/No 4mm to 42mm Class 4 Class 9A Class C3 Class 5 40 dB (RA, tr) – 1 leaf minimal opening
10 CONTEMPORARY door – Casement 46mm 1 and 2 leaves, inward and outward opening No 6mm to 33mm NA NA NA NA NA
11 The heavy-duty door resistant to vandalism 63mm 1 and 2 leaves, inward and outward opening No 6mm to 32mm NA NA NA NA NA
12 The universal DOOR – Casement 55mm 1 Sash, inward and outward opening Yes/No 4mm to 42mm Class 4 Class 6A Class 3C NA NA
13 SLIDING & FOLDING DOOR 75mm 3 to 10 leaves, inward and outward opening,
opening from the centre or from one side
Yes/No 9mm to 52mm Class 3 Class 8A Class 3C NA 38 dB (RA, tr)
14 TILT & SLIDE SYSTEM NA 1 Sash + 1 Fixed Yes/No 5 to 52mm Class 4A E1200 Class 3 Class 6 Rw (C;Ctr): 45dB

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